Richard Boeser

since 1979

What I do

I am an independent game designer who likes games with a focus on unique gameplay and atmosphere. I strive to create conceptually strong and original works that are accessible and appealing to a broad audience.

I work on self-initiated projects in small teams with people who are often also my friends. My approach to design is very iterative and I enjoy taking the time to let projects grow into fine tuned rich experiences.

Next to working on my own games I occasionally teach game design.

Originally from the Netherlands I now live in Berlin, Germany, together with my partner and our two children.

Richard selfie collage 1
Richard selfie collage 2
Richard selfie collage 3

Other interests

Clouds. I really like clouds.

I have grown an interest in generative art and am spending time on developing my skills in that field.

In true Berlin fashion I enjoy listening to electronic music and have dipped my toe into making some of my own. You can listen to it here.

Other topics that are important to me are parenting, non-monogamy and alternative education. If we ever meet and you are interested in any of these, feel free to poke me.