Richard Boeser

since 1979

What I do

I am an independent game designer who likes games with a focus on unique gameplay and atmosphere. I strive to create conceptually strong and original works that are accessible and appealing to a broad audience.

I work on self-initiated projects in small teams with people who are often also my friends. My approach to design is very iterative and I enjoy taking the time to let projects grow into fine tuned rich experiences.

Next to working on my own games I occasionally teach game design.

Originally from the Netherlands I now live in Berlin, Germany, together with my partner and our two children.

Why I do this

I have always felt a drive to create.

Working on games offers me a design space with huge creative and artistic freedom and a way to bring meaningful experiences to a diverse worldwide audience.

Games have had and still have an important role in my life. They bring me inspiration, joy, challenge and a way to connect to others. Creating games allows me to enrich the lives of others in a similar way.

How I got here

I studied industrial design and was convinced I would become a product designer. I still very much appreciate well designed physical products, but my passion shifted to the digital realm.

During my studies I became more and more interested in the emergence of independent games. Digital distribution caused a great boost for non mainstream video games. Highly original works made their way to a bigger audience and I felt a desire to be part of that change.

For my graduation project I researched innovation in game design and developed the prototype for the game ibb & obb.

Later ibb & obb got selected for IndieCade's showcase in Los Angeles where it caught Sony's attention and plans were made to develop the game for PlayStation 3.

That showcase in Los Angeles feels like the true start of my carreer. I knew very little about the game industry, but received a warm welcome. Through the help of many others I found my spot.

Looking back it seems a very natural fit. As a kid I was creating board game ideas, I swapped out the houses in Sim City with my own pixel designs, spent a lot of time building crazy race tracks in Stunts, made levels for Quake and so on. It never occurred to me that I could actually become a game designer, so I took a bit of a detour, but here I am.

Other interests

I enjoy taking photos, especially of clouds. Berlin is a good place for that, but it is even better for enjoying electronic music, which I do. I have secretly started making some music of my own and hope to one day find it good enough to share with world.

Other topics that are important to me are parenting, non monogamy and alternative education. If we ever meet and you are interested in any of these, feel free to poke me.